Change Or Die: The Three Keys To Change At Work And In Life

Alan Deutschman

'Journalist Deutschman has concluded that although we all have the ability to change our behavior, we rarely ever do. In fact, the odds are nine to one that, when faced with the dire, life-or-death need to change, we won't. From patients suffering from heart disease to repeat offenders in the criminal justice system to companies trapped in the mold of unsuccessful business practices, many of us could prevent ominous outcomes by simply changing our mindset. This book debunks age-old myths about change and empowers us with three critical keys--relate, repeat, and reframe--to help us make important positive changes in our lives. It's not about merely reorganizing or restructuring priorities--it's about challenging, inspiring, and helping all of us to make the dramatic transformations necessary in any aspect of life, changes that are positive, attainable, and absolutely vital.--From publisher description.'--From source other than the Library of Congress

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