What's The Big Idea? Creating And Capitalizing On The Best Management Thinking

Thomas H. Davenport; Laurence Prusak

TODAY'S ORGANIZATIONS FACE AN onslaught of new management ideas from the fast-growing 'business advice industry.' Managers must determine whether to aggressively adopt an idea and risk fad-surfing, or to sit on the sidelines too long and risk stagnation. In What's the Big Idea? Thomas H. Davenport and Laurence Prusak argue that new business ideas can both improve organizational performance and bolster a company's image as an innovative leader. The key is choosing the right ideas to implement--at the right time for a specific organization. Drawing from decades of consulting, academic, and business experience and from their novel study of more than 100 'idea practioners'--individuals who introduce and champion new ideas within organizations--Davenport and Prusak provide practical tools and frameworks for understanding where new ideas come from, evaluating which ideas are worth pursuing, customizing ideas to suit an organization's unique needs, and more. Encouraging managers to embrace the power of ideas while avoiding the hype that often accompanies them, this book is a pragmatic guide to the art and practice of new management ideas.

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