Emergence, Causality, Self-Organization

V. Arshinov

The papers gathered in this volume are the outcome of a project seminar week that took place in Yalta from July 1st until 8th, 2002. The contributions were written for the subtasks 1.1. and 1.2. of the project. These two tasks concentrate on the issues Causality and Emergence (1.1.) and Principles of Synergetics (1.2.) The objective of the subtask on Causality and Emergence was to determine the place of emergence within the framework of causality in the initial phase of the genesis of evolutionary systems (formation, becoming) and in other phases of their development as well as in their hierarchical structure (being), using the differentiation of macro- and micro-causality, against the background of the chasm between determinism and indeterminism. The results gathered in part one this book clarify the relationship of causality and emergence in self-organising systems. The objective of the subtask on Principles of Synergetics was to following the line of recent results given by several researchers in self-organisation theory, extract a bundle of elementary principles which can serve as a general scientific approach to understanding evolutionary systems and which can help to clarify the concrete conditions which are responsible for the co-evolution of the worldly and its cognitive representation and comprehending. The results gathered in part two of this book outline both general and specific principles of self-organisation.

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