Systems Behaviour

Beishon, John

This book is a collection of papers and articles on systems. It arose out of the development of a course at the Open University on systems behaviour. In common with most Open University courses, the Systems Behaviour course adopts a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach and it covers a range of topics not normally dealt with in a conventional university course. One of the problems in developing new courses is that suitable reference and back-up material is difficult to find and is usually spread across a wide variety of sources. This is particularly true of new areas such as systems where there are few, if any, "standard .. texts and most of the books available cover specific subject or technique areas. The Systems Behaviour course does not, for example, have any text books set as "required reading", for the reason that no book dealing with more than a few parts of the course can be found . So one of our main reasons for producing a book of readings is to gather together material on systems which is scattered Car and wide in the literature, often in journal articles or reports which are difficult to obtain

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