Energy Basis for Man and Nature

Odum, Howard T.

Even if you're not a sufficiently serious and scientific student of ecology and economics to read it straight through, reading the early chapters and selective chapters thereafter will take you to the heart of nature's and humanity's fundamental workings. As impressed as I am by the quality of the authors' diagrams of interconnections in natural and human systems, I find many of these graphics to be mind-frazzling in their complexity. BUT, even if you don't study them in detail, allow them to serve as food for your intuition--supplementary to the wonderfully clear, concise, well-organized text. THEN, to APPLY your new systems-energy-eco-wisdom, read Bill Mollison's "Permaculture: A Designer's Manual." THEN ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE of making better eco-decisions RIGHT WHERE YOU LIVE AND WORK, to speed the INEVITABLE TRANSITION from the destructive extremes of energy-intensive, short-term-profiteering global corporatocracy to more local and livable, lower-energy, steady-state living-systems. By doing this you become a leader in the global movement for a healthier biosphere, the only home we have on planet Earth

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