Levi, Primo

The renowned novelist and chronicler of the Nazi concentration camps, Primo Levi together with Tullio Regge, a leading physicist in the development of quantum mechanics, engage in a conversation that will enlighten and amuse the reader.It's mostly about physics and is a dialogue of Primo Levi and Tullio Regge (who is allegedly being interviewed by Levi) talking about their backgrounds as scientists in Italy and around the world. There is very little about the Holocaust, Primo Levi has many other books covering this topic. It is interesting to learn about how Levi became a chemist. And though, Regge steals the show for the most part, what he talks about can either be fascinating with all the physicists he's met, or a bit abstruse in his ideas about using physics to write science fiction. A quick read and well worth the investment, just to learn something different about Primo Levi.

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