Economics 2.0: What the Best Minds in Economics Can Teach You About Business and Life

Häring, Norbert

Economics shapes our life, from global policy to how much you pay for a new pair of shoes from China to whether you will survive your bypass surgery. For example, did you know how fitness studios earn most of their money? --From the laziness and irrationality of their customers. Why are women more successful investors? -- Because they are more humble and less interested in finance. Featuring recent work from top thinkers in the economic field from around the world, such as Philippe Aghion, Paul Krugman, George Akerlof, Gary Becker, and George Loewenstein, the book includes chapters on the rationality versus the irrationality of financial markets, the subprime crisis, globalization, and the methods marketers are using to sell us products we don't need. Economics 2.0 makes an impressive case for the argument that economics is not a dry science and that economic principles are constantly exerting their influence. Completely without formulas and theoretical ballast, Norbert Häring and Olaf Storbeck present the current findings of prominent economists, helping to expand both our knowledge and our appreciation of the economics that impact and shape our life.

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