The democratic enterprise

Lynda Gratton

'Lynda Gratton has captured, in a very profound way, the emerging realization of what truly matters in transforming businesses: people, purpose, and participation. In a word, democracy.' - Niall FitzGerald, Chairman, Unilever 'From time to time, a new idea crops up in the world of business that most managers consider to be absurd but that ends up transforming companies. Zero defect was one such idea. The democratic enterprise is another. It is an aspirational quest but, as Lynda Gratton demonstrates in this marvellously written book, there is enough that corporate leaders and human resources specialists can do today to embrace the power of democratic processes to both raise the economic performance of their companies and build delightful organizations'. Sumantra Ghoshal, Professor of Strategy and International Management , London Business School 'Lynda Gratton has crafted a new classic. Democratic Enterprise draws on Greek and political traditions about democracy -- demo (people) and kratos (rule) -- and applies them to modern organizations. It is a masterpiece that connects individuals and their organizations with rich theory and realistic action.Dave Ulrich, Professor of Business, University of Michigan The Democratic Enterprise delivers the blueprint for a business built on choice and commitment. A business made fast through freedom and purposeful through meaning. This is a business people would choose to work for. How can we change the way we manage and organise people to make the most of their talent and energy? The free to choose are fast to act for an enterprise they believe in, but they're also the first to leave an organisation that fails them. In The Democratic Enterprise Lynda Gratton sets out a practical blueprint for designing smarter working relationships based on free choice and shared purpose - where autonomy, choice and trust breed speed, flexibility and commitment.

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