British Philosophy in the Age of Enlightenment: 005 (Routledge History of Philosophy)

Stuart Brown

European philosophy from the late seventeenth century through most of the eighteenth is broadly conceived as the 'Enlightenment,' a period of empricist reaction to the great seventeeth century Rationalists. This volume begins with Herbert of Cherbury and the Cambridge Platonists and with Newton and the early English Enlightenment. Locke is a key figure, as a result of his importance both in the development of British and Irish philosophy and because of his seminal influence in the Enlightenment as a whole. 'British Philosophy and the Age of' 'the Enlightenment' includes discussion of the Scott Enlightenment and its influence on the German 'Aufklaring,' and consequently on Kant. The French Enlightenment, which in turn affected the late radical Enlightenment, especially Bentham, is also considered here. This survey brings together clear, authorative chapters from leading experts and provides a scholarly introduction to this period in the history of philosophy. It includes a glossary of technical terms and a chronological table of important political, philosophical, scientific and other cultural events.

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