Great Economists Since Keynes: An Introduction to the Lives and Works of One Hundred Modern Economists

Mark Blaug

Mark Blaug built a reputation on his writings of the history of economic thought and in this volume he lists 100 economists since Keynes whom he regards as 'great'. It is an arbitrary list and by the time this second edition of the book was published almost half of those referred to were dead. It is inevitable there would be some overlap between entries as those named were often academic colleagues or students. This is the case with A H Hansen who was responsible for introducing Keynesian economics to the United States. 'The standard Keynesian emphasis on fiscal rather than monetary policy as the effective answer to mass unemployment owes more to Hansen's interpretation of Keynes than to Keynes himself'. Among his students were Paul Samuelson and J K Galbraith whose books were widely read in the 1960s. Hansen frequently used John Hicks' IS-LM diagram ' in which the level of national income and the rate of interest are simultaneously determined in commodity and money market" Today it is known as the Hicks-Hansen synthesis.

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