Brain Sell

Buzan, Tony

All selling is brain-to-brain process, in which the salesperson's brain communicates with the customer's recent new discoveries in the fields of psychology, communication, general science, sports and Olympic training techniques, neurophysiology, brain research, sales research and selling techniques have resulted in BRAIN SELL. In this remarkable book the world's leading expert on harnessing the power of the brain joins forces with a pioneer of modern sales training to show how you can become a high sales producer. BRAIN SELL, based on the latest scientific research and the experiences of some of the world's most successful salespeople, explains how * identify which mental skills are currently being used in selling * apply whole brain selling to any sales situation * use a multi-sensory format in selling * develop your sales memory and remember customers' names and faces * Mind Map and be prepared for the 'sales information age' * master the mind-body link * Keep focused and retain customer information * mentally rehearse the sale * make memorable sales presentations * develop and use a personal sales commercial. All of this, together with over 80 skill-building exercises, guarantee a multitude of new ideas in BRAIN SELL for everyone who sells - whatever the type of product or sevice, and whether your a beginner or veteran. Try it!

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