From Knowledge to Wisdom: A Revolution in the Aims and Methods of Science

Maxwell, Nicholas

This highly original book argues the need for a profound and comprehensive intellectual revolution. Its central concern is to address the problems of hunger, poverty, political oppression, war and the threat of war, showing how a new kind of practical wisdom affecting all branches of science, technology and scholarship might help us to resolve such problems of living. 'The essential idea is really so simple, so transparently right ...It is a profound book, refreshingly unpretentious and deserves to be read, refined and implemented.' 'Annals of Science' 'A strong effort is needed if one is to stand back and clearly state the objections to the whole enormous tangle of misconceptions which surround the notion of science today. Maxwell has made that effort in this powerful, profound and important book.' Mary Midgley,'University Quarterly' 'Maxwell is advocating nothing less than a revolution (based on reason, not on religious or Marxist doctrine) in our intellectual goals and methods of inquiry ...There are altogether too many symptoms of malaise in our science-based society for (his) diagnosis to be ignored.' Christopher Longuet-Higgins,'Nature' Students and scholars of philosophy, philosophy and history of science, general science and history.

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