Paper Money

Smith, Adam

Adam Smith, author of the engrossing and witty book "The Money Game" and the entertaining, if not enthralling "Supermoney", returns to the scene to write this rather dull treatise on the 1970's. While he retains a bit of the wit and sparkle of his earlier books, "Smith" becomes quickly bogged down by OPEC, a force he can understand but not comprehend. His understanding comes from the historical perspective - he writes an informative and enlightening, though not entertaining, history of the organization. However, he tends to focus on the purchasing power of the OPEC countries, rather than realizing that OPEC had reached a peak in it's power by the time his book was published. Granted, we cannot expect Mr. Smith to have predicted what would happen to OPEC. On the other hand, he surely cannot have thought that the US would be reduced to supplying military equipment to the new Arabic superpowers (this, he implies, is essentially the only way we can attain anything approaching an import/export balance with Saudi Arabia).

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