Innovation Explosion: Using Intellect and Software to Revolutionize Growth Strategies

Quinn, James Brian

Now, from James Brian Quinn, internationally renowned author of the award-winning Intelligent Enterprise (Free Press), comes a trailblazing work on how both entrepreneurs and nations can develop, harness, and utilize intellect, science, and technology to maximize innovation and growth. With coauthors Jordan J. Baruch and Karen Anne Zien, Quinn reveals in practical terms how successful firms can intertwine intellectual capital and modern software capabilities to cut innovation cycle times by 90%, costs by 75%, and risks by 60% or more, and thereby revolutionize all aspects of innovation management, corporate strategy, national policy, and even economics. Innovation Explosion speaks directly to managers, entrepreneurs, government policymakers, and academics. The authors introduce and develop truly novel concepts that go well beyond earlier books on how to manage innovation.

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