The Primacy Effect: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Personal Communications

Shea, Michael

It is acknowledged that good communications skills is one of the keys to personal and business success today. Our reputations, jobs and promotions have become dependent upon the way we present ourselves to others and the way we communicate with both individuals and groups. Evidence exists to suggest that it is in the first 15 seconds that our reputations and images are formed by others. This psychological first impression - "The Primacy Effect" - is often the key to success in a presentation, interview or negotiation meeting. Shea shows how to prepare for and execute that vital first 15 seconds in any communication situation. He also examines other areas of communications, including: how to inspire an audience; non-verbal communication; dress and body-language; avoiding interview pitfalls; public speaking; business presentations; influence and persuasion. In doing so, he presents some of the tricks used by lawyers, barristers, preachers, spin doctors, politicians and other expert communicators.

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