Representation and the Text: Re-Framing the Narrative Voice

Tierney, William G.

Focuses on authorial representations of contested reality in qualitative research. This book focuses on representations of contested realities in qualitative research. The authors examine two separate, but interrelated, issues: criticisms of how researchers use "voice," and suggestions about how to develop experimental voices that expand the range of narrative strategies. Changing relationships between researchers and respondents dictate alterations in textual representations--from the "view from nowhere" to the view from a particular location, and from the omniscient voice to the polyvocality of communities of individuals. Examples of new representations and textual experiments provide models for how some authors have struggled with voice in their texts, and in so doing, broaden who they and we mean by "us." "The mixture of theory, voice, ideology, and passion makes this a most enjoyable and fulfilling read. This book will be at the forefront of thought and debate about the use of narrative voice, public and private selves, and the obvious place these have in author's research endeavors." -- Ken Kempner, Educational Leadership, University of Oregon "The book...will stand alone as a piece of philosophical work, and will be used in numerous disciplines." --Julie Neururer, Department of Educational Leadership and Policies, University of South Carolina

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