Systems in Action: A Managerial and Social Approach

Joseph, Allen

This book is addressed to people who solve problems. it's also addressed 10 people who should be solving problems, but aren't. lt's addressed to the student of management, of social science, of engineering, of public administration- to anyone who needs a logical framework to help deploy the modern analytical tools that we've seen proliferate since the 1950s. The aim of this text is practical; it's down-co-earth: it's everyday. We want to teach a way of approaching problems with a keen eye toward solving them efficiently and successfully. This is not a book of theory, nor a guide to computerized systems. It's an approach to a way of thinking that has, we believe, wide-ranging validity in today's world. In many important ways, the systems approach is simply a commonsense approach to problem solving. Its steps are logical, phased, and geared to avoiding failure in any of the applications possible.

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