Models of Reality: Shaping Thought and Action

Richardson, Jacques

Models surround us, from the language we learn as infants to that of the computer; from our myths or conjecture on how the future might be; from the coins, banknotes, and chits and tokens we carry on our persons to the religious icons and monumental statuary occupying our places of culture; from the genetic code borne in the tiniest of cells to the diaries and ships' logs that man has filled since he learned to count and write. Model building and model use has proceeded beyond the simple prototypes of basic speech, icons and genetic code to the representation of many variables in a complex environment, rendered possible by the availability of contemporary mathematical science . and electronic information technology. The special contribution of this book is to bridge, for both amateur and expert, awareness of the nature of models and their use for a better understanding of the complex world in which we live. It is a remarkable set of papers assembled to explain and illustrate models of reality physical, biological, social, economic, managerial, and political

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