Precision : A New Approach to Communication

Grinder, John

Essentially, the whole of this guide is based on applying the linguistic techniques of NLP, particularly those covered in The Structure of Magic (by Richard Bandler and John Grinder), and applying them to a business model which is supposed to help managers and decision makers solve problems both within their organizations and among people. Unfortunately, the authors decided to forsake a solid overview of the system being discussed, and basically jumped right in to a long series of explanations of particular techniques and how to apply them in case studies without giving a good idea of where people were headed. Each sub-state is divided into reoccurring start-finish patterns, making the whole experience quite dizzying. It feels to me as though the book kind of ends up talking itself into circles at some point, and it seems that some of the actors in the case studies agree. If you want to learn how to make incredibly large problems appear much smaller, then this is probably a good guide to read (if you can get through it). If you try the methodology on everyday problems, it's completely useless. You'll end up making a gigantic mess of things.

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