Mapping Methods: For Design and Strategy

Curedale, Robert A.

Mapping methods are used by teams to develop strategy to assist a wide variety of activities. Mapping methods are particularly useful for: Making informed design decisions Identify areas of opportunity for developing new products, services and experiences Analyzing a competitive landscape To understand trends To analyze complex, changing and ambiguous design problems Look for areas where there are ideal factors to support a product or service. Look for areas without competitive rivals Enable meaningful conversations about difficult design topics Use real-time information to help identify potential problems and make the best decisions Create design that has a better return on investment Understand your customer's perspectives Create more successful design. Mapping methods can be applied to support informed design decisions as part of a Design Thinking approach to design. Design Thinking is an approach to designing products, services, architecture, spaces and experiences that is being quickly adopted by designers, architects and some of the world's leading brands such as GE, Target, SAP, Procter and Gamble, IDEO and Intuit. It is being taught at leading universities including Stanford and Harvard. Design Thinking creates practical and innovative solutions to problems. It drives repeatable innovation and business value. Design Thinking can be used to develop a wide range of products, services, experiences and strategy. It is an approach that can be applied by anyone. This book is an indispensable reference guide for: Architects, industrial designers, interior designers, UX and web designers, service designers, exhibit designers, design educators and students, visual communication designers, packaging and fashion designers, all types of designers Engineers and Marketing professionals Executives and senior business leaders Decision makers in R&D of products, services, systems and experiences School teachers and school students

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