The Hidden History of Realism: A Genealogy of Power Politics

Molloy, Sean

Challenging the received notions of International Relations theory about perhaps its most central tradition--Realism--Molloy demonstrates how a belief in a mode of theorization has distorted Realism, forcing the theory of power politics in International Relations into a paradigmatic straitjacket that is simply inadequate and inappropriate to the task of encompassing its diversity. Read More Show Less Editorial Reviews From the Publisher "In a philosophically sophisticated...and lucidly written genealogy of Realism that is both scholarly and accessible, Molloy retrieves the Realist tradition from the strictures of neorealism. His genealogy of Realism refreshes the tradition of Realist thinking as it provides a critical way of engaging with it. More important still, The Hidden History of Realism supplies a model of how to think international relations theory as such." --Michael Dillon Professor of Politics University of Lancaster "Seàn Molloy corrosively strips contemporary Realism of its scientific plating to reveal a rich historical patina of diversity, controversy, and, yes, humanity. Rather than stand on the shoulders of giants -the 'English School Syndrome' - Molloy engages E.H. Carr, Martin Wight, Hans Morgenthau and Kenneth Waltz in a critical dialogue, finding in what Ralph Waldo Emerson calls the 'lengthened shadow of an individual' not a monumental Realism but a vital hetero-realism for our own indeterminate times, power, and system." --James Der Derian, Professor of International Relations, Brown University "Molloy reminds us that before these icons of Realism were reduced to the dry mummies of a scholarly canon, they were compassionate, controversial, trailblazing thinkers pursuing answers to lasting problems of world affairs. He makes a good case for why their discussions are still relevant - and for why their status as icons is well deserved." --Torbjørn L. Knutsen, Professor of International Relations, University of Trondheim (NTNU), Norway

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