Strategies of Qualitative Inquiry

Denzin, Norman K.

Strategies of Qualitative Inquiry, Third Edition, the second volume in the paperback version of The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research, 3rd Edition, consists of Part III of the handbook ("Strategies of Inquiry"). Strategies of Qualitative Inquiry, Third Edition presents the major tactics-historically, the research methods-that researchers can utilize in conducting concrete qualitative studies. The chapter topics range from performance ethnography to case studies, issues of ethnographic representation, grounded theory strategies, testimonies, participatory action research, and clinical research. Key Feature of the Third Edition • Contains a new Reader's Guide prepared by the editors that helps students and researchers navigate through the chapters, locating the different methodologies, methods, techniques, issues, and theories relevant to their work. • Presents an abbreviated Glossary of terms that offer students and researchers a ready resource to help decode the language of qualitative research. • Offers recommended Readings that provide readers with additional sources on specific topic areas linked to their research. Intended Audience This text is designed for graduate students taking classes in social research methods and qualitative methods as well as researchers throughout the social sciences and in some fields within the humanities.

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