Breakthrough Thinking, Revised 2nd Edition: The Seven Priciples of Creative Problem Solving

Ph.D., Gerald Nadler

The Anatomy of Successful Problem Solving How do great leaders solve problems differently from the rest of us? In Breakthrough Thinking you will learn the seven steps consistently used by those who solve problems most creatively. By taking an analytical approach, Nadler and Hibino discovered that there is a specific method used to successfully make decisions that is both teachable and duplicable. This program is now presented to you in this volume. "Finally, we have a beautifully lucid book which tells you how to get from here to there-how to get to 'excellence.'" -Warren Bennis, co-author of Leaders "I've used Breakthrough Thinking now for a few years and have found it transformative. It really is a different paradigm of thinking that leads to powerful changes in the way I look at problems and how I practice organizational change." -William Chandon, Organizational Competency Building, Corporate Knowledge Program, Computer Sciences Corporation "I have had a 'breakthrough experience' after reading Breakthrough Thinking. I want to thank both Professor Nadler and Professor Hibino for the thought-provoking ideas presented in the book." -Dick Keller, president, Kellerco From the Trade Paperback edition.

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