What Really Works: The 4+2 Formula For Sustained Business Success

Nitin Nohria; William Joyce

Based on a groundbreaking five year study, analysing data on 200 management practices gathered over a 10year period, What Really Works reveals the effectiveness of practices that really matter the ones that, if followed rigorously, ensure sustained business success. With hundreds of wellknown management practices and prescriptions promoted by consultants and available to business, which are really effective and contribute to the growth and continued success of a company? Which do little or nothing? Based on the 'Evergreen Project', a massive, fiveyear study involving the business school faculties of 10 universities, the authors set out to find the management practices that truly promote longterm growth and success. Their findings will revolutionise the art and practice of business management. The book shows that there are essentially six management practices that all successful companies must master simultaneously. They range from focusing on a strategy of growth to maintaining the depth and quality of human talent in the organisation.

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