Ecological Paradigms Lost: Routes Of Theory Change (Theoretical Ecology Series)

Beatrix Beisner

This edited volume addresses the historical development and evolution of theoretical ideas in the field of ecology. Not only does it recount the history of the discipline by practitioners of the science of ecology, it includes commentary on these historical reflections by philosophers of science. Even though the theories discussed are, in many cases, are at the forefront of research, the language and approach make this material accessible to non-theoreticians. The book is structured in 5 major sections including population ecology, epidemiology, community ecology, evolutionary biology and ecosystem ecology. In each section a chapter by an eminent, experienced ecologist is complemented by analysis from a newer, cutting-edge researcher.* Reflection on the past and future of ecology* A historical overview of major ideas in the field of ecology* Pairing of historical views by ecologists along with a philosophical commentary directed at the practicing scientists` views by a philosopher of science.* Historical analysis by practicing ecologists including anectodal experiences that are rarely recorded.* Based on a very popular symposium at the 2002 Ecological Society of America annual meeting in Tucson, AZ.

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