The Nature Of Selection

Elliott Sober

The Nature of Selectionis a straightforward, self-contained introduction to philosophical and biological problems in evolutionary theory. It presents a powerful analysis of the evolutionary concepts of natural selection, fitness, and adaptation and clarifies controversial issues concerning altruism, group selection, and the idea that organisms are survival machines built for the good of the genes that inhabit them. 'Sober's is the answering philosophical voice, the voice of a first-rate philosopher and a knowledgeable student of contemporary evolutionary theory. His book merits broad attention among both communities. It should also inspire others to continue the conversation.'-Philip Kitcher,Nature 'Elliott Sober has made extraordinarily important contributions to our understanding of biological problems in evolutionary biology and causality.The Nature of Selectionis a major contribution to understanding epistemological problems in evolutionary theory. I predict that it will have a long lasting place in the literature.'-Richard C. Lewontin

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