Evolution In Four Dimensions

Eva Jablonka

'In Evolution in Four Dimensions Eva Jablonka and Marion Lamb argue that there is more to heredity than genes. They trace four 'dimensions' in evolution - four inheritance systems that play a role in evolution: genetic, epigenetic (or non-DNA cellular transmission of traits), behavioral, and symbolic (transmission through language and other forms of symbolic communication). These systems, they argue, can all provide variations on which natural selection can act. Evolution in Four Dimensions offers a richer, more complex view of evolution than the gene-based, one-dimensional view held by many today. The new synthesis advanced by Jablonka and Lamb makes clear that induced and acquired changes also play a role in evolution.' 'After discussing each of the four inheritance systems in detail, Jablonka and Lamb 'put Humpty Dumpty together again' by showing how all of these systems interact.'--BOOK JACKET.

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