Reframing Business: When the Map Changes the Landscape

Richard Normann

'Globalization is truly feasible but rarely has there been such an enormous gap between what is possible and what is cultural reality. Ironically, the enormous opportunities that exist today, as well as the extraordinary possibilities of success or failure lie within this gap With the new technologies now available, almost anything is possible from an operational standpoint ( the limits lie solely in our consolidated habits, our mind sets and our culture). Truly extraordinary for the importance of its theme, no less than for its author, this book addresses the central challenge which leaders face today in terms of their ability * to provide a valid vision of the future translated into precise objectives through the reframing of the business system and the creation of value in the new competitive context * to assure a process of reframing the mind set of the company people necessary to translate this vision and these objectives into results and to bring about a new reality through this reframing effort' Alfredo Ambrosetti, Chairman Ambrosetti Group Recognized by his peers as one of the leading management thinkers of his time, Richard Normann takes a new approach to strategy and provides an original way to think about organizations and create a different future. In this demanding, but rewarding book, he shows that providing organizations are prepared to radically rethink the way they do business they can occupy the high ground of the future

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