The Best Business Books Ever: The 100 Most Influential Business Books You'll Never Have Time To Read

Perseus Publishing; Editors Of Perseus Publishing

Given the urgency and immediacy of so many business problems and challenges, a solid grounding in the history and evolution of business thinking will help managers separate fad from fact and apply the cumulative wisdom of the writers whose ideas have demonstrated profound and lasting impact. From Sun Tzu's timeless Art of War to the inventors of modern management in the 1920s-'40s to the books that have the captured the New Economy Zeitgeist, The Best Business Books Ever illuminates the key ideas and contributions of the 100 books that should form the basis of any manager's, business student's, or entrepreneur's library. The Best Business Books Ever places both historical and contemporary works in context and draws fascinating parallels and points of connection between books from different places and times, all of which have contributed to our collective understanding and practice of the art of management.

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