The Explanation Age

John Lewis

The current organizational practices are broken at the model level, affecting organizational learning, inventiveness, productivity, and transparency in decision making. The Explanation Age is where business psychology catches up to the knowledge economy. This is where organizational learning is centered in the boardroom, not the classroom. This is where models based on sense-making replace business process models based on box-checking. You can master the language of thought-leadership! Ä Learn the real difference between experts and thought leaders Ä Learn how to develop an organization of thought leaders Ä Learn how the 6 modes of the mind are misaligned with current change models Ä Learn how better explanations lead to better decisions Ä Learn the 8 reasons behind every explanation A learning organization operates from mental models, not manufacturing models. If you have tried Six Sigma in business and instinctively knew that this factory-driven method was wrong for the knowledge economy then you are ready for the Explanation Age. If you have wanted to replace BloomÄôs Taxonomy in education, but havenÄôt found the right model then you are ready for the Explanation Age. And if you are someone who never stopped asking why then you are ready for the Explanation Age. This book represents a culmination of more than two decades of research into the models that drive learning, decision-making, and performance improvement. This second edition includes additional business examples, and provides more detailed explanations. The Explanation Age is truly a must-read for innovative leaders, decision-makers, and reformers in business, education, and policy-making.

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