Missing Engines of Management Education

Prasad Sundararajan

From RETHINKING to REDOING This book is a sequel to Rethinking the MBA: Business Education at a Crossroads, authored by Srikant M. Datar, David A. Garvin, and Patrick G. Cullen, published in 2010 by Harvard Business Press. Declaring business education at a crossroads, the HBS teachers-researchers have proposed rethinking the MBA. Hopefully, the purpose of such a rethinking might envisage certain possible-probable redoing to drive business education out of the crossroads. If so, if the students are trained to practice at least 30 percent of the concepts-ideas-methods contained in this book, definitely they will imbibe certain extraordinary knowing that empower their driving of whatever knowing, doing, and being envisioned for them. If, if at all, the business schools and management institutes are genuinely concerned, beyond trade-mentality, in rebalancing the knowing and doing and being of the MBA students, they may consider the doing of training the students in the doing of emancipating their engines. The engine of language: sensitizing the students about the statistical nature of language, to rediscover their language, to see the intentionality of concepts, ideas, theories, etc. The engines-of-intellect: training the students in using the framework of Variant-Invariant-Linkage-Network-Orbit-Setting for the doing of seeing the referents and referred-to-realities of concepts, ideas, theories, and perspectives; people, entities, things, and phenomena. The engines of Double-Creature-Person: to develop an original self-view, world-view, and existence-view. Of course, all of these are almost entirely new and perhaps, original ideas. As usual, new ideas are vulnerable to rejection, especially by the significant ruling powers. Yet, they are published due to the inspiration from the book 'Rethinking MBA'; though they have been verified and found significantly effective with several groups of trainees, students of disciplines including several batches from management, and samples of executives, and managers at all levels. Perhaps, there could be the linkage-network-orbits of destiny too.

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