Rengen: The Rise Of The Cultural Consumer - And What It Means To Your Business

Patricia Martin

REN GEN The good news: America is on the brink of a new renaissance. The bad news: Many companies, the media, and even the general population still see America as an intellectual and cultural wasteland defined by reality television and fast food. In this groundbreaking book, cultural specialist Patricia Martin challenges that presumption and argues that we are on the precipice of a major cultural renaissance. Who we are and what we care about is shifting-and a new set of imperatives, products, behaviors, and ambitions is emerging. RenGen looks at the factors giving rise to this huge economic, social, and cultural shift, including: A growing desire to express new ideas and concepts aesthetically The renewed interest in learning fueled by the Internet A longing to find a new order amongst endless complexity Rising interest in enlightenment, evangelism, and reinventing oneself Increased concern about political, social, and environmental issues.

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