Ideas at the Intersection of Mathematics, Philosophy, and Theology

Carlos R. Bovell

'The great scientists of the scientific revolution--Kepler, Galileo, Descartes, Newton, and Leibniz--thought deeply about the relationship between the mathematical structure of the physical world and its Creator. Since the Enlightenment, however, this relationship has been widely neglected. In this collection of essays, Carlos Bovell draws on many sources in contemporary philosophy, theology and mathematics to provide a fresh and contemporary addition to the literature on this important topic.' James Bradley, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Calvin College 'Bovell's training in mathematics, theology, and philosophy is evident in each chapter of this book. He manages to draw interesting and non-trivial connections between these disciplines in unique ways. Regardless of whether one agrees with the claims made, those interested in interdisciplinary questions will want to give serious attention to the issues that Bovell addresses.' Russell Howell, Professor of Mathematics, Westmont College 'Carlos Bovell has thought deeply about the challenges for integrating the Christian faith and mathematics. He gives cautions and shows specific mathematical content where such integration may be exceptionally fruitful. This is a scholarly work that will be a great resource to Christian teachers of mathematics. If you want to integrate your faith with the mathematics you teach, this book will help you to know where to begin.' Jonathan Zderad, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Northwestern College

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