International Encyclopedia Of Systems And Cybernetics Vol 1

Charles Francois

The second edition of the International Encyclopaedia of Systems and Cybernetics provides, once again, a complete overview of the state of Cybernetics and its development since its beginnings more then fifty years ago. Many of the events around the worldwide during recent years can be better understood by applying instruments belonging to system theory and cybernetics. Thus, the function of neural networks as a model of the interaction of many single elements in one coherent action can be applied to other social interactions and communication schemes: from the building of insect states, to the spreading of epidemics or the course of a stock market crash. This Encyclopaedia contains the widely known basic concept as well as detailed information on many sections of the field. Most of this knowledge resulted from hundreds of lectures given at international und national congresses, and is made easily accessible to a broad public as well as to the majority of scientists for the first time here. The work contains almost 4,000 entries in alphabetical order with numerous citations by hundreds of authors. Over 1,500 special references to and details of societies for Cybernetics around the world, and leading professional journals complete this presentation. Above all, the number of references in French, Italian, German and many other languages has risen considerably compared with the first edition. The International Encyclopaedia of Systems and Cybernetics is an essential aid for scientists, librarians and students in many fields: e.g. philosophy, economics, ecology, history, politology, sociology and communication science. With its broad scientific approach, this work can make a significant contribution to the improvement of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary exchange. Equally, this encyclopaedia will be of interest to executives working in business, politics and society.

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