Simulation: Presentation Technique and Cognitive Method (Kontext Architektur / Context Architecture)

Andrea Gleiniger; Georg Vrachliotis

'Now established as a ubiquitous cultural technology, simulation is gradually transforming our interactions with the world. This is true not only for the arts, but also, and even more so, for architecture. Especially in the context of discussions of mediatization, the concept of simulation plays a fundamental role: as illusion and imitation, as dissimulation and reproduction.' 'In dialogue with information technology and computer science, the concept of simulation has also acquired a new facet within architectural discourse.' 'Against this backdrop, authors from a variety of disciplines explore the fundamental concept, which has long since transcended the level of traditional architectural discourse, and is increasingly the subject of reflections in the context of theories and philosophies of technology. What are the potentialities and limitations of contemporary interpretations of the concept of simulation?'--BOOK JACKET.

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