Knowledge Management Case Book

Gilbert Probst; Thomas H. Davenport; Tom Davenport

With a Foreword by Dr. Heinrich von Pierer President and CEO of Siemens AG While theoretical perspectives on knowledge management abound, there is clearly a lack of shared practical applications and experiences. This book provides a perspective on knowledge management at Siemens - an internationally recognised benchmark. Tom Davenport and Gilbert Probst bring together instructive case studies from different areas of this major transnational corporation that reflect the rich insights gained from years of experience in practising knowledge management. The Knowledge Management Case Book provides a comprehensive account of how organisational knowledge assets can be managed effectively. Specific emphasis is given to the development of generic lessons that can be learned from Siemens2 experience. The book also offers a roadmap to building a 2mature knowledge enterprise2, thereby enhancing our understanding of the steps that need to be taken in order to sustain competitive dominance in the knowledge economy.

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