Strategic Management In The Knowledge Economy: New Approaches And Business Applications

Marius Leibold

Strategic Management may be classified as the managerial science of how to lead and enable business organizations to achieve its stakeholders' objectives in a rapidly changing competitive and collaborative environment. With new strategic management requirements, new business management models arise, based on knowledge, networking and innovation Designed both for advanced students and business managers, this book presents a unique selection of the most recent thinking and applications regarding strategic management of business organizations in the increasingly global and networked knowledge economy Setting a new benchmark in the field of strategic management literature, the book links advanced new theory in strategic management with practical business illustrations. Joining high-level concepts with business applications, carefully selected articles by world-recognized authors are combined with case studies of world-recognized international businesses (Siemens, DaimlerChrysler, Canon, British Airways, Philips, Xerox, HP, IBM, etc.).

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