Beyond reductionism, new perspectives in the life sciences: [proceedings of] the Alpbach Symposium [1968]; (Radius books)

Koestler, Arthur

This is a seminal collection of presentations that took place at the Alpbach Symposium in the Austrian Tyrol in March 1969. It is edited by the incomparable Arthur Koestler and J.R. Smythies. In addition to the editors, the rest of the panel reads like a who's who in systems theory: Paul Weiss, Ludwig Von Bertalanffy, Holger Hyden, Jean Piaget, Jerome S. Bruner and C.H. Waddington. Plus, mostly humanists and economists like Viktor E Frankl Seymour Kety and F.. Hayek. A closing retrospective was given by W.H. Thorpe.

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