Velocity: The Seven New Laws for a World Gone Digital

Ahmed, Ajaz

A highly perceptive manifesto for entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers from the vice president of digital sport at Nike and the founder of legendary innovation agency AKQA. With an exclusive introduction by Sir Richard Branson How can you win when the only certainty is change? Highly accessible, lively, and inspiring, Velocity draws upon the authors' unique perspectives and experiences to present seven timeless new laws for businesses and individuals in a world that is dominated by rapid change and digital technology. Written as a fascinating and enjoyable conversation between the authors-Stefan Olander, vice president of digital sport at Nike and Ajaz Ahmed, founder and chairman at AKQA-Velocity's up-to-date examples illustrate key lessons, together with insights, ideas, and inspiration that individuals and businesses should adopt to thrive. Velocity shares the vision and values required to succeed with the untold backstories to influential and iconic innovation. Fast paced, useful, provocative, and highly motivating, Velocity will arm you with actionable ideas to define your future. Features: -4 Velocity principles: Speed, Direction, Acceleration, and Discipline -7 Laws, including "A Smith & Wesson beats four aces," "It's easier done than said," "Convenient is the enemy of right," and "No good joke survives a committee of six."

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