Representation and Understanding: Studies in Cognitive Science (Language, Thought & Culture)

Bobrow, Daniel G. and Allan Collins

This book contains studies in a new field we call cognitive science. cognitive science includes elements_ of psychology, computer science, linguistics, philosophy, and education, but it is more than the intersection of these disciplines. In recent years, the interactions among the workers in these fields has led to exciting new developments in our understanding of intelligent systems and the development of a science of cognition. The group of workers has pursued problems that did not appear to be solvable from within any single discipline. It is too early to predict the future course of this new interaction, but the work to date has been stimulating and inspiring. It is our hope that this book can serve as an illustration of the type of problems that can be approached through interdisciplinary cooperation. The participants in this book (and at the conference) represent the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, and Psychology, all of whom work on similar problems but with different 'viewpoints. The book focuses on the common problems, hopefully acting as a way of bringing these issues to the attention of all workers in those fields related to cognitive science.

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