Secondary Education: The Key Concepts

Wellington, Jerry

A comprehensive critical survey of the controversies, theories and practices central to secondary education today, this book provides teachers, researchers, parents and policy-makers alike with a vital new references resource. Secondary Education: The Key Concepts covers a wide range of important topics and debates, including: Assessment, Citizenship, Curriculum, E-learning, Exclusion, Learning theories, Work experience. Fully cross-referenced, with extensive suggestions for futher reading and on-line resources, Secondary Education: The Key Concepts is the essential guide to theory and practice in the twenty-first-century classroom. About the Author: Jerry Wellington is Professor of Education at the University of Sheffield Read More Show Less Editorial Reviews From the Publisher 'Wellington's treatment of the concepts that he does include is lucid, accessible and on the whole helpful. He is not afraid to include his own views where he considers this pertinent, and in the main offers a reasoned, sensible account of a range of concepts and their histories. His decision to add references and possible websites to each entry for further exploration adds a useful dimension to this volume.' - British Journal of Educational Technology

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