Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Rorty and the Mirror of Nature

Tartaglia, James

Assuming no prior knowledge of Rorty or his ideas, this is a much needed critical introduction for both undergraduates and postgraduates in philosophy, literary theory and cultural studies. Read More Show Less Editorial Reviews From the Publisher 'The book is clearly written and fair-minded throughout, just the sort of work one would want as a guidebook for reading an important and difficult book. In this sense, it seems clear about its audience and will be useful for a sophisticated study of Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature and also of interest to those who already have a good deal of background and familiarity with Rorty.' David Hiley, University of New Hampshire, USA 'This is well-written, clear, accessible, sharp and pitched at the right level. It strikes the right balance between the detailed exploration of particular arguments, and setting Rorty's book in a wider intellectual context.' Matthew Festenstein, University of York, UK

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