The Fabric of the Heavens: The Development of Astronomy and Dynamics

Toulmin, Stephen

Conceived as three companion volumes that form an introduction to the central ideas of the modern natural sciences, these books-intelligent, informative, and accessible-are an excellent source for those who have no technical knowledge of the subject. Praise for The Fabric of the Heavens: "I cannot remember when I last went through a book, any book, with such all-devouring zest. What is more, even the most complex technicalities are reduced to a positively crystalline clarity: If I can understand them, anyone can. The Fabric of the Heavens is, in every sense of the word, an eye-opener."-Peter Green, The Yorkshire Post "Not until the last chapter of the book is [the reader] allowed to think again wholly as a modern man has become accustomed, by common sense, to think. The discipline is admirably suited to the authors' task, and cunningly devised for the reader's edification-and, indeed, for his delight."-Physics Today Praise for The Architecture of Matter: "The Architecture of Matter is to be warmly recommended. It is that rare achievement, a lively book which at the same time takes the fullest possible advantage of scholarly knowledge."-Charles C. Gillespie, New York Times Book Review "One is impressed by the felicity of the examples and by the lively clarity with which significant experiments and ideas are explained. . . . No other history of science is so consistently challenging."-Scientific American Praise for The Discovery of Time: "A subject of absorbing interest . . . is presented not as a history of science, but as a chapter in the history of ideas from the ancient Greeks to our own time."-Times Literary Supplement

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