Rethinking Systems Analysis and Design

Weinberg, Gerald M.

Using a short, highly readable essay format, Rethinking Systems Analysis & Design presents readers with both the logical and the more intuitive aspects of the analysis/design process. A witty and illustrative fable concludes each of this engaging book's seven parts. Editorial Reviews A reader Anonymous "Almost everything in this book translates directly into your own environment. . . . [You'll] find more wonderful stories, anecdotes, and fables in this book than you're likely to find even in a book on a more interesting subject than systems analysis!" Anonymous "This isn't just another systems analysis and design book, but one about the problems and possible solutions encountered when implementing a structured approach." anonymous anonymous Gerald Weinberg's new work will be good reading not only for designers but for anyone wanting to understand design, particularly the users and managers of information systems. . . . life lessons such as those in this book will continue to be the most useful guide there is, both for introducing prospective practitioners and for reminding the old hands of what they may occasionally forget. E. Cancelada Mr. Weinberg's style, wit and intellectual breadth is a rare treat in the technology world, dominated by undertrained and narrow-minded professionals. It is a pleasure to read any of his writings and this book is no exception. Rethinking Analysis has two major themes : 1) Systems analyst must be well informed in the fields other then software and hardware. 2) The most of technology problems in organizations are really 'people problems'.

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