The Future of Knowledge Production in the Academy (Society for Research Into Higher Education)

Jacob, Merle

* What are the most significant challenges posed by new modes of organizing knowledge production in the academy? * How are academic-industry partnerships managed? * What is the future role of the university in the knowledge society? The new knowledge society is characterized by a growing partnership between the university and industry. What are the implications for academics of such partnerships? What happens when the production of academic research is reorganized to reflect corporate structures and ambitions? What will future academic institutions be like? Does the nation state still have a role in determining how national science systems should be organized? This volume explores knowledge management in the university and beyond from the perspective of researchers working in academic-industry partnerships. Its re-examination of the role of the academy in knowledge production (and in society) is important reading for all academic researchers, for academic managers, and for students and scholars in science studies and the sociology of knowledge.

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