Ground Rules for Good Research: A 10 Point Guide for Social Researchers

Denscombe, Martyn

Amongst the bewildering array of approaches and beliefs about how social research should be conducted, Ground Rules for Good Research guides the researcher to the 10 core issues. In straightforward terms, it shows why they are so fundamental and it provides clear guidance on how they should be addressed by the researcher. The Ground Rules apply across the range of different types of social research, covering both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Key features of the book include: * The identification of 10 ground rules for good social research * Checklists to help researchers evaluate their approach and avoid fundamental errors * A clear and jargon free style * Attractive presentation with plenty of useful lists and summaries, text boxes and key points For undergraduate and postgraduate students in social sciences, health studies, business, and education, who need to undertake a research project. Also invaluable for professionals with little or no experience of research.

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