The Universe and the Teacup: Mathematics of Truth and Beauty

Cole, K.C.

Mathematics, the most robust and breathtaking creation of the human mind, reveals the tiniest particles that make up our world and takes us to the farthest points of the universe. Its power is daunting. In this work, the author seeks to demystify mathematics using real-life concepts such as risk, scale, cause-and-chance and probability to help us to break the mind barrier; in its elegance, maths simplifies problems so we can understand and solve them. Our search for the truths of the universe could not succeed without it. Einstein's theory of relativity would never have worked had it not been for a little-known woman mathematician who, in the 19th century, discovered the crucial importance of symmetry to maths and physics. The story of Emmy Noether and Albert Einstein ends in an amazing journey that begins in the human mind and finishes at the edges of the universe.

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