Phenomenology, Role, and Reason:

Maurice Natanson

The essays which comprise this book form a coherent whole in which each part is related to the others: the phenomenology of Alfred Schutz, discussed in the first part, is fundamental to the approach taken in the second part to the nature of social role; in turn, the career of reason, traced out in irregular outline in the third part, has its conceptual grounding in phenomenological philosophy. The descriptions and analyses presented throughout this work are attempts (sometimes by indirection) to assist in the immense task of reconstructing the social world in its essential character. As I interpret the thought of Edmund Husserl, essence is not an occult property of phenomena but rather a matter of their epistemic structure. Accordingly, a phenomenology of social role and an epistemology of social process are root-related procedures. This book is committed to the thesis that phenomenology, role, and reason are axial terms for a philosophy of social reality.

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