Routledge History of Philosophy, Volume II: From Aristotle to Augustine (Routledge History of Philosophy)

David Furley

This offering in Routledge's acclaimed 'History of Philosophy' series completes the acclaimed 10-volume collection. This work explores the schools of thought that developed in the wake of Platonism through the time of Augustine. The 11 separately authored in-depth articles include: ' Aristotle the scientist--'David Furley, Princeton University;' Aristotle: logic and metaphysics--'Alan Code, Ohio State University;' Aristotle: aesthetics and philosophy of mind --'David Gallop, Trent University, Ontario;' Aristotle: ethics and politics--'Stephen White, University of Texas at Austin;' The peripatetic school--'Robert Sharples, University College, London;' Hellenistic science and mathematics--'Alan C. Bowen, Institute for Research in Classical Philosophy and Science, New Jersey;' Epicureanism--'Philip Mitsis, Cornell University;'' 'Stoicism--'Brad Inwood, University of Toronto;' Ancient skepticism--'Michael Frede, Keble College, Oxford;' Neo-Platonism--'Eyjdfur Kjalar Emilsson, University of Iceland;' Augustine--'G.J.P. O'Daly, University College London. Order the entire Routledge History of Philosophy series and save 10% off each volume!

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