Cultural Theory: The Key Thinkers (Routledge Key Guides)

Andrew Edgar

A perfect companion to the recently published ' Key Concepts in Cultural Theory,' this volume provides a comprehensive overview of the key terms, arguments, and theories relating to issues in cultural theory. The essays focus on those thinkers who have been essential in the development of this field of study. ' Cultural Theory: The Key Thinkers' will equip students with the necessary background knowledge to further enhance their understanding of the complex issues in the study of culture. Each entry is concerned with the work of each thinker and reflects the wide range of disciplines that feed into cultural theory, from literary theory, media studies, and phenomenology to philosophy, semiology, and sociology. The book features contemporary greats like Durkheim, Kant, Marcuse, and Lyotard; and significant figures in Western tradition, such as Aristotle, Hume, Plato, and Rousseau.

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